WT-Weapon Toss Demo
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The best thing I can do is reprint Boom's "ReadMe" for this:

The Official Nerf ArenaBlast Weapon Toss Competition ©
Map Title: Weapon Toss Demonstration
Author: KꮠßðÕm§£åñG §ñâké
Author's E-mail: BoomSlang_dude@hotmail.com
Author's Website: http://come.to/MissingNerfSite
Creation Time: Three Hours
Remix: No

ßðÕm§£åñG'§ Notes:

I made the map as a demonstration of the game. It will most likely be put to use later on, but for right now, it is just a newbie map. :)

      Chapter     For
1. What do I do?! [All]
2. Tossing        [Tossers]
3. Catching       [Tossers | Rebounder]
4. Penalties      [All]
5. What is this?  [All]
6. All Together   [All]
7. Credits

Chapter 1 : What do I do?!

          Listen up troopers, this may be complicated at first! Most of the time you either decide who is the Rebounder ( similiar to the "Monkey" in the commonly played "Monkey in the Middle" game - he stands on the yellow and red colored Nerf symbol on the floor of the level ), who are the Tossers ( the guys who kind of play "Catch" with the weapons [See Catching.] ), and who is the Referee ( 1 or 2 if necessary. ). If you cannot decide, then play a match for about five minutes. The top two get to be the Tossers, the third will be the Rebounder. The place of Rebounder is more like a Safe Zone, but don't let it fool you, it is not where you want to be! You have no action except for jumping in the air after weapons and getting agitated! But, it is still fun. :) [for more info see All Together]

Chapter 2 : Tossing

          Okay, well tossing is very simple. Though I don't know what the original binded key is for throwing weapons, it can be done. Just simply go into Controls and set Throw Weapon to your Backspace key (I use) or whatever key you want, I use Backspace (very easy). Then you'll find that when you have a weapon besides the Secret Shot 2, and you hit the binded key,that the weapon will be out of your hands and onto the floor.

Chapter 3 : Catching

          All right, well catching is easy for the Tossers. Move to a spot that is good for you ( behind the yellow line ). Then move back and forth using the left and right arrow keys. [Hint: Go to Controls, then configure the Strafe Left\Right to be your Left and Right Arrow keys for easy moving and dodging.] Remember not to move forward too much as to be in front of the yellow line! The Rebounder may move inside his box. Jumping out is a penalty. [See Penalties]

Chapter 4 : Penalties

          - If one of the Tossers steps, even slightly, in front of the yellow line, he gets a warning. If this continues he then must turn around and jump down his tube to die as a penalty. And if that is not enough he then has to switch places with the Rebounder.
          - If the Rebounder walks out of his box, forward or backward it doesn't matter, he then must recieve a warning. If he does this again then the game is over and he loses. This does not count if he jumps out and goes back in, but if he jumps out and continues to do so, or if he will not return the where he is normally, he will be thrown out of the game.

          - If a Tosser, after the game has begun, runs back and picks up more weapons to throw, then he must jump down the tube to die. Then like last time, he switches with the Rebounder. If he continues to do this, why not refer him to this rules document? :)

          BTW, this is just a simple demo of the game-type. More may be added on in later versions.

Chapter 5 : What is this?

Tossers: After the buzzer, pick up the weapons you that are on the platform you are standing on. Don't pick these weapons up again, even if they respawn. Then jump over the "killing tube" which is BTW ( by the way ) lit up with blue neon lights, just so you know. Once you've jumped over it then proceed to go into the "Weapon Square" where you will stop before getting in in front of your yellow line. Turn around and you will see your symbol on the wall. Look in front of you and you will see
your opponent's symbol. To the left and right of you will be your "Weapon Bin" and your opponent's "Weapon Bin". This is what the Rebounder uses to get the weapons you or your opponent threw. At the end ofthe match the weapons will be counted up and the Tosser who has the most weapons will lose, and the player with the least will win. The Rebounder is considered a winner though he does not do much, he wins unless he gets switched with a Tosser.

Rebounder: After the buzzer stand in your place if you are not all ready. Be prepared to jump, but not jump too far. Once the game has start the Tossers will be throwing weapons above or to the side of you. If you get one remember who just threw it. To the left and right of you are the "Weapon Bins". Behind the Tossers are their symbols. Inside the bin is the symbol. Match up the symbols with who threw it and throw the weapon in that bin. Once all the weapons are gone, your work has paid off and you've somewhat won the game. The weapons that are in the "Weapon Bins" will be counted by the referee. Whoever has the most weapons in their bin loses, and the other Tosser wins.

Referee: Just stay on top of all the action. If you need a closer view jump off of your Refereeing platform and onto one of the bins. If you need to get back up, just simply get on the Jump Pad. Follow all of the rules.

Chapter 6 : All Together

Tossers - Know the rules. Jump and toss if needed. Pay attention to the game and the referee. Don't argue with the referee. If the referee gets any of that, he will give you a warning, but he must listen to you first and be fair. No shooting. If you do this you will certainly be given a warning and maybe kicked-out of the game.

Rebounder - Make sure you understand the rules. Be careful about putting the weapons in the right bin. Use the symbols behind the Tosser to guide you to the right bin. Once again, no shooting, nor arguing.

Referee - Watch the game going on carefully. A mistake could lead to a big mess. Make sure you know the penalties, and what each person is supposed to do. Don't allow a friend to get by with something he shouldn't.

Audience - Basically all you do audience is stay out of the way and enjoy the game. To stay away, you need to go into the audience area, which is underneath the S-like Tosser's symbol. 


SLAM - Playing it with me.
WIND - Supporting.
MiSSiN - Gave ideas.
me BoOm :) - Had time.


If I was too brief or you don't know something, just email me at this address: Boomslang_dude@hotmail.com



Copyright BoOmSLanG 2001 ©

Authors MAY use this game to make other levels, similiar to Target Tag © and Flag Hunt ©. You may NOT use the map included in the zip for any additional building.