World's HIGHEST Dive
RR: 6.5
Another swift map from Adam, with two rooms - find the right corner of the first room (below), and you can move on from diving to sliding!
  The messages when you reach certain places are fun.  The smaller screenshot (below) is taken from the top level in the first room - the main diving board is on the left, but if you are a bit of a wimp, you can descend some stairs and use the lower board on the right!  Notice those lines across the water - it isn't exactly "clipping", but it can be very slightly distracting.
  In room two, you don't have to bother with stairs - you swim up that tube behind the slide, after, I think, 'porting up a few feet to reach the water zone.  Look closely and you can see that Adam has just jumped off the slide, rather than slipping down it...
  Well it does look rushed in places, particularly the slide itself, and I am sure I have dived off higher places in NAB maps before this.  The slide could be better-looking, and both slide and dive would benefit from being at least four times as high, I think...but a nice idea!