Wood Between the Worlds "A"
RR: 5.0

This is a first attempt at making a nab map by Elven Nerfer, inspired perhaps by Forest - a cube with sky-textured walls rather than a skybox (not an easy thing to make, first time, I gather), with plenty of trees and a few square pools of water.

I'm sure that its maker wouldn't claim it to be anything more than a first try; we all have to start somewhere!  In this version there seems to be either just a single spawn-point, or they are so close together that you get that effect, so that if you invite a few bots in, or indeed real players, you start off with the spawning equivalent of a "telefrag", where the sudden arrival at the same point of a new player kills you.  And, once you do manage to survive, boy is it hectic in that part of the wood!

Well, you could replace those walls with a skybox, you could go for rounder edges to the little ponds, you could add plenty of spawning-points... and you'd still be wondering what to add to make this seem like a new map, a place that would be interesting and fun to visit.  So I don't think SLAM has to start worrying about the competition just yet...

The download we offer is the "A" version; which is more playable than an alternative version, which has a failed attempt at a skybox which mainly just obscures the view - in the picture below it cuts off vision about halfway up the screen.  Note the number of bots just vanishing after telefrag!  When you spawn, just run like heck to get clear, and the map should work okay.