Beachhead Assault Beta
RR: 8.0
"Here is my map that I (and Sputnik) have been working on. I have kind of come to a dead end on it (and can't be bothered to do any more), but I thought I might as well release a beta version of it, so any one can finish it off or make any changes if they want - but this is as much as I will be doing on the map."  That was what BlobBlob said in his e-mail when he sent this map in... though most of the design and construction was by Sputnik, apparently...
  Well, it would be improved by a skybox, but otherwise it seems pretty nice to me - a kind of cross between Pacific Fury, Frigate Remix, and Overlord Remix!  You either attack from the ship in the foreground, by swimming ashore or taking that rather cool helicopter, or you defend from the bunkers or the tower!  There is a little more to it than that; there is plenty of weaponry (though the only health I noticed is a megapower on the ship, a little unfortunate as you can only get down from the sniper tower by jumping and losing almost all your health!  It would be possible to do more with the texturing I suppose, but this is still a completely playable, excellent map to grab.
  And now Elven Nerfer has adapted the map to run Ace's CTF mod, version 1.0...can't be bad!