Bolt Remix
RR: 8.0
  Well, it's been a while since the last new map came along, so it's good to see Darth Animal
finally getting off his lazy backside and sending this one along for us!
  This is a remix of an Unreal Tournament "Capture the Flag" map, but an unusually small one, with two identical "flag room" chambers separated by a wall with a convenient large window in it, plus attack routes on either side.  For a change, Darth has not used the original UT textures, which probably saves us from downloading some huge texture files - instead he has stuck with standard NAB textures, and kept things deliberately very simple.
  I've only played this with Bots, though Darth tells me that he tested it out with BlobBlob and it seemed to work pretty well.  Really, I am not surprised - the layout makes for a tactical game, with the electroshield and megajump, the two attack routes, and the limited weaponry.  I think we could have a surprising amount of fun here - and as the zip is only about 80kb, it ought to be ideal for anyone with an almost-full hard drive, or a slow internet connection, as well.