Box Canyon Remix V2
RR: 8.0
This was the first remix that Warbird did for NAB; rather a good arena, set, as the name suggests, in the open air.  A large Sequoia-style teepee is in the middle of a small grassy area, completely surrounded by rocks.  Inside the teepee is a deep pool, with of course something useful to dive for waiting at the bottom.  And of course all our favourite bits and pieces are scattered around. 
         The nice thing, for me, is the rocks, with the different angles and planes.  Some you can scramble up - some you can hide behind, or leap from, or rush down or along... it adds a useful extra something to the game play.
         Not a very big arena, but certainly a good one for two to four players.  The original version had (a) those statues that appear in some NAB maps, and (b) stability problems.  It also was not set up for Bot play.  This new version has removed the statues, probably played around with the pick-ups very slightly, and carefully explained to the Bots what they are supposed to do.  It seemed stable when I was playing it last night; thanks to my 250 ping advantage, Ace and I had a pretty neck-and- neck game here, the lead changing many times.  Dashing around the rocks, rushing into the concrete teepee/pyramid for the megapower, scurrying up its outside for the megashield, grabbing the nerf cannon to spray the area - great fun!
          For a good, exhilirating fight for a small number of players, this arena can certainly be recommended.
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