Castle (beta)
RR: unf
An interesting attempt at an atmospheric "Forest" style map here by D - though it may not get to a finished state, as it does suffer from "clipping".  See how, in the main screenshot, the grass texture has gone strange between the fire and the wall?  In the smaller picture (below), I am standing at one end of the ruined castle's wall, and the green-grass texture is obscuring significant parts of the screen! If you have played Forest 2 by Sk8er, you will know the effect, as it strikes on the hill there, meaning you descend it almost blind - maybe it happens with this particular grass texture?
  It isn't a complete castle, just the wall of a ruin, which you can climb from one end; for a first real attempt at an original map, it shows a lot of promise, and I hope D isn't put off by its problems, which could happen to anyone.