Brotherhood of Fire
RR: 8.5
This is a good-looking map that Flame has been working on.  It uses the ever-popular Quake3a
texture file rather well I think, and ought to be a good place for a 1on1...or maybe more players if you like it frantic!  For the screenshot I invited a couple of Bots to join in, and they did pretty well. The rather red lighting downstairs makes it a little difficult to tell which player is which, but it adds to the atmosphere, which is probably more important.
  Outside, the clouds scud by at speed, but inside the warm glow of the flaming torches sets the scene for battle.  The lower level has a big rock in the middle - an abstract statue?  It looks most impressive, anyway, as the above screenshot demonstrates.  At each end of the room is a bounce- tube to take you up to the top floor.  These are perhaps a little tricky to navigate, as you need to come out of the tube on the same side you go in - the easiest way is to have your finger on the down-arrow "reverse" button, and jab that down as soon as you start the upward journey!  Mind you, emerging backwards makes you an easy target for a few seconds... You cannot actually reverse onto the bouncer down below, the trigger won't work for that Cunning Plan...
  The Bots work well here; it doesn't seem as if they can be persuaded to bounce up, but they respawn on both floors so that hardly compromises the gameplay.  As this is a small map, the weapons are limited to hyperstrike, wildfire, pulsator and scattershot, with a "doubler" hovering over the middle, so that you can grab it while leaping down from the upper level.  There is plenty of health available, but no megapower or electroshield.
  So, a cool-looking original map, quite as much fun as many recent remixes!
Almost finished now - just a little tweaking was done after this...
A fairly early version of the map - note the thin central bars in the windows, which caused one or two problems!