RR: 7.0
This was originally going to be called G.Wynn's Cavern - but the NAB set-up doesn't like punctuation or gaps in titles, so we've lopped it down to the bare minimum.  It is certainly an ambitious second map, with a lot of complex, interesting stuff in it - the down side though is that a lot of texture files have been used, including some that many NAB players won't have.  Don't even think about adding this map unless your textures folder already has tlabcomp, richrig, FeEone, Alamo, PM-E, Distinctive2, PM-F-T, and PU-SL-ride, while I'm not sure everyone has the sound file PM-F-T2, come to that!  Most of the textures can be got from Tmon & Tux Textures page, however...
  The map itself is a little reminiscent of Tweety's Hallways of Heaven, though without the endlessly long corridors.  It's fun to explore, and all the various textures make it look, well, different - but the difficulty with playing here would be you'd have a quick fight, someone would get killed, and then it would be a while before you found anyone else to shoot at!  I went into "ghost" mode for the smaller screenshot below, which shows just how many rooms there are here!
   Lots of work, lots of clever stuff - G.Wynn hopes to manage to learn how to do skyboxes for his next map, but he has already learnt a lot in a short time, with atmospheric sound effects, clever layout, some (I assume) pre-constructed elements, like the cages around a megapower and a doubler.  The "flow" of this map, for gameplay, may be pretty minimal, and using so many texture file is a drawback - but it's a very nice improvement on his first map, and shows a lot of hope for the future.