Castle Run
RR: 5.0
  This is one of the first maps released on his website by Manato - it is by no means perfect or sophisticated, but shows that he is getting used to the editor, and having fun making a map area, which is the main thing.  You could have a pretty good hide-and-seek battle here, with an underground area, crates to hide behind, and some tight corners.  Manato hasn't used the whole range of weapons here, resisting the temptation to throw everything in - but the wildfire and pulsator are fine for this size of map.   Unless you turn the gravity right down, I didn't se any way to get to the triple strikes on top of the castle towers - but they add a touch of decoration, anyway!
   As an early map, this doesn't have a real skybox, just sky-textured walls, so skyboxes ought to be high on Manato's list of stuff to learn.  But generally mapmakers learn from making maps, so this is part of a good start.
go here to download this map!