Canyon Test
RR: unf
Just a little something that SLAM is working on - and it reminds me rather of Lucky's Mazon Remix, which of course is no bad thing.  "Part map, and part learning experience", is how SLAM describes it. "It is my first attempt to make a map dedicated to realistic land forms. The name more or less says it all, at least for the part I have complete now."
          Add the above screenshot, and there is not much more that needs saying.  There are tunnels in the cliffside. and there are fast-moving elevators (or lifts) from ground level on up.  This is much more of a playable map that the ill-fated Ship Test (or "Galactic") ever was; not as ambitious, perhaps, but a whole lot more practical.
          And the naturalistic effects are a treat for the eyes, as you'd expect with SLAM; that sky, those trees!  I can't wait to see how SLAM continues it...
for a limited period only, probably!