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Canyon Outpost  (Beta Version)
RR: 8.5
SLAM seems pretty pleased with the results he got here:  "One of my finest maps ever, this one demonstrates my first (and surprisingly successful) attempt to create realistic looking vertical landforms in the form of cliffs, plateaus, and rock walls. Just so you know, I am not entirely satisfied with this version, because of the instability of the NAB-version U-engine. The final version, in UT, will be much better."  That's what he says on his "SLA'M's Maps" page (almost a palindrome that - something that reads the same backwards!) - "it is some of my best work yet, and may be worth it to you just to look at it if not play in it :-)" he adds on his "Desk" page!
   Well, it still reminds me of Lucky's Mazon Remix, though with only a tiny bit of fortress - and that is no bad thing, of course.  I am not entirely sure how well this will actually play, and expect to elaborate on this review once the final version, without the slight hiccups ("It needs more playerstarts, and one of the elevator tubes has a collision problem.") is available.  Still, it looks fine, and I can imagine having a lot of fun here.  And if you fall while jumping from one rock column to the next, you land in the water, swim to shore, and take the elevator back up, which is nice...

Go here for the download!
Canyon Outpost
RR: 8.5
The earlier version of this always was a work-in-progress, and SLAM has returned to finish it off - including putting in the new "Tobio Trees" (which you probably already have, for Sun Tzu Remix for example), and making one of the lifts possible to use!
   I've kept the older review, below - I've also kept the older map in my folder, after right-clicking it, choosing the "rename" option, and adding a "Beta" at the end.  The water in the canyon has a current to it now, which takes you along to the end, where you will find access to one of the elevator tubes - unfortunately, as you emerge from the water you briefly experience overwhelming white "clipping".  It doesn't hurt gameplay, but anything that hurts the reality of a map is a shame.
   I don't think this is one of SLAM's best maps.  Great rocks and general design, but as a place for a fight it is a little "bitty", I don't get the impression of a natural "flow" of fighting - except in the water, of course!   But even one of SLAM's lesser maps is, of course, a must-have, right?