Cinder Canyon
RR: 8.5
One picture is worth a good few words, and what you see here is what you get, in this hot new map by Storm.  Personally I have reservations about maps where it is so easy to die, but this one is certainly expertly done, complete with a "cable car" to take you from one side to the other.  Items are placed well, and it is generally a fun place to navigate.
  Playing with bots seems to work well, though this sort of map can't avoid the problem that the bots are not going to be high scorers.  After playing for a few minutes, I was up to six or seven thousand points easily enough, while the bot in second place had a grand total of 25!  They just keep falling in the lava, presumably not deliberately jumping in but pushed by the impact of not-so-friendly fire.
  Anyway, it's good to see maps still being produced that are unpretentious fun, so a swift trip over to Storm's downloads page is definitely recommended!