Circular Forts Stadium
RR: 6.0
This (also known as Circular Forts Battle Stadium) is part of Icedude's "Ice Map Pack 1", along with his Abstract Luna and EZDM.  I'm afraid I don't entirely see the point of this one.  From the starting room, you can 'port to either this gallery, or its mirror-image in the red spherical "fort" visible opposite.  A teleporter from here will take you to the disc in the middle; dropping down the hole in the middle will take you back to the starting room.  Oh, and you stop off en route to the fort at a useful armoury.
  As far as I can see, while you can snipe from here using the hyperstrikes provided, you can't jump out into space and leap across towards your foe.  Sure, you can 'port about and fight, but still... it doesn't inspire me, and the colours are bland.  You can't leap off, or fall off, that central disc.
  Icedude has made a lot of far nicer maps than this.  If I was making a map-pack, I would try for a good mixture of maps, and I would try to make sure that they were my best, as my name would be more visibly linked with them if they came in a zip with my name on!  Icedude must think this is a nice map...and it isn't a bad map, by any means.   I just have my reservations, that's all...
Abstract Luna, Circular Forts Stadium, & EZDM!