Compulsive Remix SG
RR: 8.0
"Well any map by Chris "Plutonic" Blundell has to be worth remixing, right? Compulsive Remix and Compulsive Remix SG are now both available for your downloading pleasure, as I've just uploaded them to the good ol' Star Wars Clan website", Darth Animal reports.  "The "SG" version uses the SGTech1 texture file, which is rather large!

"If you do download both versions, you'll be surprised how different they seem, I think. I've used different weapons in the two, but keeping to simple Luna textures in the regular version gives a completely different "feel" to the place. The lift is a little different, too, as in the NAB-style map you can jump through the wall on the intermediate level. I kept the electroshield in the same place, anyway. With three levels, it seems excellently designed to me - but I can't make maps, I can only do remixes from Unreal Tournament originals. I hope you'll all check these out..."

I don't think I've much to add - both versions are fun, certainly.