RR: 6.0
I started off thinking that I shouldn't rate this map as highly as Adam's previous map, Sequoia House - after all, it is not as complex, though it is a lot larger, and he doesn't use water.  But then I played it for a while with Adam (the Troy-figure in the screenshot) and G.Wynn (that would make him Ryan, then), and found that it was a lot of fun... and not just because, with a 400+ ping advantage, I was winning easily!  Though that helps, of course...
  Now this map would have had a higher rating if it had had a stream or something running through it, and if it had a proper moving-clouds skybox - as it is, it looks like masses of rather unconvincing wallpaper.   But, like Forest, it does play rather well, so, considering the small download size again, I say go for it - what can you lose?