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Crash Site Beta 2
RR: unf
This is a remix-in-progress by Icedude of an old Unreal map, "Nyleve" - it's quite a while since the first beta came out (the first NAB map to use Tobio Trees), but a lot of progress has been made.  I don't know how much of that is due to responses from people who played the previous version, but the new beta is certainly a playable map.   There are more weapons now, though for a map this size, Icedude has kept the actual number fairly low.  There are eight Bots in the map - they may carry weapons, but they are friendly, so you don't have to kill them!  As is the way with this sort of Bot, they don't leave a points-lozenge behind the first time you kill them, although you will get the odd 25 or 100 points for hits.  I am by no means certain that they respawn, see if you find them a second time...
  There are plenty of movers, both doors and lifts, with the lifts triggered by handy buttons on the wall nearby; none of these are textured yet, which may not look perfect, but at least confirms what bits are supposed to move!   The crashed spaceship does not seem to be enterable (you can see it in the screenshot, in the centre, along with the scar it made during its amazingly lucky crash-landing), though on the top level of the base you ought to find, near to the whomper, a small single-man starfighter, which looks good.
  Well, it's still a "beta", but t is certainly worth getting, and fun to explore.  You can even practice your high-diving skills!
oh look, it's my cousin  Euster, in his very own cabin!