RR:  6.5
This is a new map by G.Wynn, and it really doesn't deserve such a low score - except that Garlin has made the mistake of bringing in a lot of extra files, which really don't add all that much to the map.  It's okay if you also have Unreal Tournament installed, as it is easy enough to copy and paste the texture file crypt2 (7MB) and the sound files AmbOutside (5MB) and AmbAncient (6.5MB) over, though you are using up a lot of disc space if you do that too often!  It also uses the Detail and
UT texture files, a check in the Editor shows me, but they are a bit smaller, and you probably have them already - I did, anyway.  So it was only three times that I tried to play the map, only to be told I needed an extra "package" to do so...and on the fourth attempt, I got a "fatal error" which threw me out of NAB entirely!  Luckily, the next attempt worked...
   The map itself seems a nice collection of rooms, though the textures are a bit grey, generally.  There are teleporters, and it's fun to explore - but only if you have access to those 20MB of UT files!
   So, unless you are trying to do an exactly-copied eye-candy remix of a UT map, please limit yourself to as few extra texture and sound files as possible; if in doubt as to which texture files everyone has, Tmon & Tux do have a page listing them.