Desert Storm
RR: 7.5
This is one of the first two maps by Chris to be released, along with Railroad - it requires Egypt.utx and TobioTrees.u, which go into your textures and system folders respectively; the texture file is not the same as the Unreal Tournament one of the same name!
  Well, Chris has obviously got the hang of skyboxes; the main map area is rectangular, and sandy, with some raised bits, not just a flat surface - and the helicopter  (to the left in the screenshot) looks good, even if there is some "clipping" on its nose from certain angles.  The buildings you can see are more than they seem - there are basement levels, and lifts and doors, and everything seems to work together pretty well.
  The main criticism is that there is not a huge amount of detail - which hardly effects play here, but does leave some parts looking a bit bland.  It seems to me that this is a very promising map; apparently Chris has made quite a number of his own maps, and I look forward to seeing more.  I just hope that they have plenty of time spent on them, as, thanks to the top NAB mappers of the past, and also remixes of UT maps, we are used to a pretty high standard of detail these days.