Floating Bridge
RR: 7.0
Well, it's a bridge, and it floats in mid-air; it is a long way to fall to the water below, and landing in it knocks you straight out, unusually.  It is a slightly strange design for a bridge, in that usually you would have towers at both ends, with suspension cables to help hold up the middle, but it still manages to look pretty sensible.   Scott is obviously still a bit new to mapmaking, and there are occasional little gaps between elements, but it looks as if it ought to play pretty well.  Having some sort of weird structure floating in space is pretty common, so just to have something ordinary-looking floating in mid-air makes a refreshing change!
   You can sometimes spawn on top of the tower, and walk down the cable, but the sides of the bridge are a little too high to allow you to jump up and then walk up the cable.  As you can see, the bridge has two main levels, plus a small lower level with some useful pick-ups.
    Well it isn't high art, but I think it should be an enjoyable place to play.  I have been accused of giving "newbie maps" too high a rating sometimes, so I am restraining myself a bit here.  Gives me more room to show future maps improving, anyway!
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