Foam Factory
RR: 8.0
   Here's another new NAB map by Chris - so let's see what he has to say about it:

   "Here is my latest map, the Foam Factory. It uses SLAM's whompage arena textures and the Asteroid textures. It is a small battle map intended for 4 players. *2 on 2*  It has all kinds of things in it from jump-pads to lifts. It has also been path-noded for bot play. This map has three floors. Floor one is the main area. It has a set of halls forming a hollow square around another square area with a TS and some powerups in the center. The hallway has a Wildfire and a suit power plus in it. On
the outside of the hallway is yet another square hollow square area with 2 elevators connected to it. They take you up to floor three. On floor one, there are also 4 jump pads. They take you to floor two. Floor two is a large set of platforms set above floor one. It is very good to take over this floor. It has a Scattershot and some ammo on it. Floor three is just a long platform with a Ballzooka and some ammo on it."

   That about covers it; the place is a bit grey, as you can see, but we have our usual NAB planet visible in the sky, as well as that blue-and-white tape.  The lifts work very nicely, they are even keyed to come and collect you from the top level if you approach the shafts, which is nicer than having to jump down.  Having the megapower on the crossbar (above the triple strike) is sensible - very easy to get, unless any other players arer watching of course!  I didn't actually notice any foam, but this does look like a sensible map for a one-on-one or a two-on-two battle.