Floating Island Extreme Remix
RR: 8.5
This is a different kind of NAB map, based on Sharpknux's original series, and converted to, er, something else by Albert the Cat!  So let's quote the ReadMe:

Stuff about this game, that you REALLY need to know:

          This map is a little different then most. It is said to be a point blast compitition, but it's not. The goal of this game is to destroy the opposite team's castle! On Each floating islands there is a castle, marked by the color of it's owning team. Each team must race to the top of their own castle and collect the Womper that sits in the top castle chamber. Then the team member with the womper must sneak over to the other team's floating island. There they must take the underground tunnel to the left of the other team's castle. Down there they will find a large base, holding a large SHIELD GENERATOR. This SHIELD GENERATOR is responsible for creating a FORCE FIELD around the WEAK POINT of the castle. (the WEAK POINT of the castle is the team's color logo on the front of each castle (facing the other castle)) So the player with the womper must disable the SHIELD GENERATOR by hitting it with a shot from the Womper. (no other gun will work) Then they must collect another Womper (or more ammo) and blow up the WEAK POINT of the other team's castle. Careful! After 1 minute the sheild generater comes back on line and you will have to disable it again! As soon as the WEAK POINT is hit with a Womper, the castle is destroyed. (Warning: Anyone inside of the castle that is being destroyed will die) It's alot of fun! So HAVE FUN!  

PS: You will get a message at the top of the screen when you take out the shield generator or destoy the castle.
PSS: Also when disabling the Shield generator, make sure you aim right at the top part that is sticking out of the dish. That is the shield generators most sensitive place, everywhere else its womper proof armor. A message will show at the top of the screen if you disable the generator.

FOR SINGLE PLAYER (by typing the name of the map in the cheat menu):

          The goal of this map can still be like the multiplayer game however it won't be much of a challenge. There are no bots. However there is an added bonus for single player mode that is cool to check out. If you use the transporter in one of the Islands Computer bases where the shield generator is, it will transport you to a place known as Penguin Productions Weapon Facility. This place is where i have devoloped some "interesting" and powerful weapons of mass destruction (or annoyance). There are i think 13 offenseive weapons and 12 defense items. Try them out. This feature sadly is not avalible in multiplayer as of some of the weopons are pretty cool. In multiplayer you can still go to Penguin Productions weapons facility, although all of the stuff there will return to the state of its original type. If you want you can place bots in the map in the editor, or you can copy and paste the items into other level that have bot support in single player. Have fun!

So, does all that sound intriguing, or what?  Check it out!