Forest )i(
RR: 8.0
A brand-new homage to SLAM's well-loved original here by Flame.  I am not entirely sure that the version I've seen is the finished one, certainly a place this nice deserves extra work on it.  All but one of the walk-in "bushes" just disappear if one moves into them (like walking through a wall in "ghost" mode), and it seems almost impossible to get out of the water when swimming in the stream, unless you go back to the pool.  A more serious problem comes from Flame's habit of picking the best UT file for the job without thinking of its size - here it's AmbOutside.uax, sounds rather than textures - 4.34MB when zipped.  If you have UT, you will be able to copy & paste it from UT to NAB of course, but otherwise Flame will need to make it available to download.
  Still, once you have the sound file, you must admit that the sounds it adds to the map, as chosen and placed by Flame, are very very nice, and add a lot to the arena.  Apparently it was Darth Animal who suggested waterfalls, and Flame has used them very cleverly.  There is a deep, dark cave to explore, and, if you find your way, you will find a way to get up to the waterfall level, and discover a megapower and other good stuff.
  Nice use of rocky walls; there's a fire-pit, and another pit with an electroshield in, which you can just about manage to jump out of again if you keep trying!  Fallen logs of course to run around on, and suitably simple trees - some maps have much nicer, more complicated ones, true, but the detail that involves can really mess up your frame rate, so I'm happy to stay with these.
  So, watch for a final release, and grab it, okay?