RR: 8.5
   Forgotten - but not gone.  This new map from Tiggy shows an old NAB arena, now decayed and crumbling.  "I've been working on a "Hall of Champions" for a very long time.  Over the past year, I've started 5 or 6 different maps with this theme, featuring Champion textures with Roman-style columns and arches.  With each build I'd throw some stuff out and add in something else.  The room with the arched windows is the only thing that I kept from the beginning.

   "For the final build, I decided to show the level in ruins.  I wanted to convey the feeling of stepping into a place with a rich history.  As you walk about you can visualize the hall's former grandeur.  Despite its greatness long ago, now this magnificant shrine is all but forgotten."

   "The four main rooms of the ruins each hold a very potent weapon, with the central dais holding the TripleStrike", Tiggy also tells us.  The place has a melancholy atmosphere, at least if you explore it alone, and leaves you thinking about the "golden age" of Nerf ArenaBlast, now behind us.  Ah well, a lot of thought went into it, and the place is up to Tiggy's usual high standards.  It's just a little...sad...