Fractal Remix 1.2
RR: 8.0
Boom did the original Fractal Remix, after a suggestion by Alfie, and it is a great one-on-one map - at least, I have had some tough fights against a single Bot here in the Unreal Tournament original version! That first remix was quite a while back, and it does show that the "RR" ratings have been hit by a certain amount of inflation; I only gave it 7.0 then, but don't feel I can give it less than 8 now.  And that is even with the movers (the two lifts and the central trap-door) still untextured!  (Pardon my ignorance, but isn't it possible to set a different "default texture" instead of bubbly pale concrete...?  Wouldn't it be possible to make that "default" whatever would look good on movers...?)
          Well, the textures are certainly nicer this time around.  Check out the cool electron-flow effect at the top of the screenshot, as well as the crisp orbital-style walls.  I can't say that the cut-together patterns on the floor around the trap are very impressive, but the general effect is good, and somehow more appropriate for this arena.
          Boom seems to be on a crusade to update and improve all his old remixes, which is fair enough; it reminds us what important arenas he has brought us.  But there are plenty more UT maps out there just waiting to be brought to NAB for a first time...