Funhouse Remix
RR: 7.5
Spooky places, Funhouses, and this remix by Icedude certainly reflects that.  There are a lot of rooms, and a lot of strange things going on here; the textures, brought over from the UT version apparently, are garish yet faded, the music comes and goes, and there are a lot of rooms, often linked on more than one level.
  I don't see this as a particularly well-playing arena, unless you stock it with plenty of Bots, but it is well worth wandering around, to find the room of the up-and-down cube-floor, the bouncy room with the whomper to ("Yahoo!") jump for, the turntable room, the big top, the swimming pool, and the room in the screenshot above.  Plenty of interesting stuff, so good value for your download time.  What it really needs is a few suitably-skinned "killer clown" Bots, to make sure you get nightmares afterwards!  All the fun of the fair...
   Icedude has it available for download at his site - but let me know if you, like me, have problems with the file there, because I could always post it here if necessary.