Fun 2
RR: 4.0
Maybe it is just my computer playing tricks, but, when I'd put it into the NAB maps folder along with
's other debut maps, this one didn't appear on the drop-down "make a server" list for pointblast maps.  So, I double-clicked on the map icon in the folder, and the map started up - but in the Nerf demo, not the full game!  If you don't have the demo installed, I don't know what will happen. I've now moved the map over to the "nerfdemo" maps file, but it still looks as if you either need to open the console, or double-click the map icon, for it to run.
  Anyway, this is a usefully different design from the other maps that Manoto has put on his website, with many levels and staircases.  He has left rather a lot of surfaces in the default texture (unless that just reflects the lack of choice in the demo textures folder...?), and looking at the screenshot I see that some staircases are hovering a few inches off the ground, which is never a good idea.  Still, the more one builds, and the more one tries out new ideas, the more one learns, so I have high hopes for the future!
go here to download this map!