Gladiator Remix
RR: 8.0
Now this looks like a fun place for a few players to work out their aggression in the time-honoured manner, remixed for us by that well-known serious Sam, Darth Animal, from the UT original by Rich Davis.   In the "ReadMe", Darth says "This is actually based on the "Domination" version of the Unreal Tournament map, as it added an extra level to the gameplay.  Thanks to Justin for telling me the (incredibly simple) way to get rid of the "movers" associated with the map's four Domination points.  I've put megapowers there instead, the only health in the map!  The Bots play okay here, though they can be a little shy about coming out of their spawning chambers.  Just give them time!  The megajump is not quite powerful enough to get you up onto the girders above the playing area, so you will have to try either rocket jumping, or adjusting the gravity by a fairly small percentage, if you want to get clever... but generally this is a nice small arena, which I think ought to work pretty well for NAB games, okay?"
  It looks like a very enjoyable map; a friend of Rich's described it as "'****ing chaos'", which seems fair, if you have plenty of people crammed into it.  If you like Luna Bonus 2, you should like this one, certainly.  The Bots didn't seem to go for the megapowers or whomper, as far as I could see, but live on-line players will have no such problems.  No special texture files are needed, so download the map, and prepare to enter the arena!
from the Star Wars Clan site!