Helm's Deep Beta
RR: 8.5

You may have seen trailers for an upcoming real-time strategy game based on the "Lord of the Rings" movie trilogy, featuring a massive assault on Helm's Deep with war mammoth-elephants, flying dragons, tens of thousands of orcs, and Gandalf the White riding in on Shadowfax, shouting "Don't panic!" or something else equally soothing.  Well, somehow Sk8er has managed to translate all of this into NAB for us!  Er, except Gandalf and Shadowfax and the orcs, dragons and  war mammoth-elephants...  ;-)

There is a bit of a puzzle for you to solve - and that is, if you spawn outside the sturdy and high main wall, how do you get inside?  Well, that's the main point, I suppose.  A team game would be good, if it could be arranged that everyone on one team started outside, and everyone on the other team defended the keep!

So, as maps go it is a fun novelty - a bit dark, but there is lots to explore, and the potential for some hard-fought games.  It's certainly well worth adding to your collection.  Sadly, Sk8er's own site seems to have vanished... but we've now managed to post it online for you!