RR: 9.0
I could have done a screenshot showing the two two-storey houses in the snowy landscape, divided by a hill with a cabin at its peak, but when I went into the one house and saw the Christmas tree, and felt the warmth and the firelight - and the Mighty Mo attack - well, I just couldn't resist taking my screenshot then!  For plenty more shots, taken by Ace, check here!

This was SLAM's Christmas 2003 release, and a very timely one it was, too - a bit like the way Darth Animal's Kringle Remix came out two years before!  It certainly captures that "Home for the Holidays" feel, with plenty of nice touches - and it plays well, too.  "Words cannot describe my feelings for this map" was Ace's verdict, while Darth commented "CTF-Highlands looks pretty good - not too large, and the snow is excellent. I defaulted to "Ted", as it's Twisters vs. Tycoons, and was too tall to get into the little room with the shield in...  And aren't the triple strike's spare rockets a bit close to the hot oven? The whole place could blow up!  Nice job."

You'll probably find that you need the texture packs Hubble.utx and mgfxs3d_tex.utx as well as the map itself, but SLAM has all you'll need on his site.