HyperBlast Remix Update
RR: 7.5
Well, there are many versions of this map, but this one is not by Boom himself, it is by Icedude, and he has added a few little tricks!  You get a pre-match delay at the start, you get engine noise, the teleporters in the twins bows now turn you round to face the interior when you come out - and Icedude says he has added the music option, though I have not heard any on my two visits so far!
   You will also notice, from the lower screenshot, that the 'Dude has added a non-playing Bot figure, a bit like the "air hostess" in another recent map.  Maybe the starship has actually broken down, and is being given a push...?
    The gameplay and pick-ups are the same as ever, so this is just a general "tweaking" of one of our most-played maps.  The deep space effects are certainly pretty splendid, but which version of this map you want to play in depends mainly on your taste in texturing...