Inferno 4
RR: 8.5
I always find it difficult to get a screenshot of the maps by Ace (previously Acemaster 2000) that is in any way representative of the arena.  Somehow, the textures never look as good here as they do in the game, and it is hard to take a shot that shows the arena as a whole.
   Well, this is no exception.  I think I must wait until the map is properly released, and I have been able to play rather than just explore - but it looks pretty cool to me!  Meanwhile, let me cheat and quote most of the ReadMe file that Ace provided, along with the map and a new "opening countdown" sound file:
   -If you don't know how to get to the top area, just go around the outer slated metal walkways and        jump on a little elevator that takes you to the top!

   -A good way to get those powerups in the middle area (the Whomper and Doubler), just stand on        the edge near it and press forward twice to do a forward dodge move.  You should be able to nab        the powerup and land on the floor below without taking any damage!

   -Another good way to jump across the pathways (in the low gravity areas) is to do that forward            dodge move.  You'll be able to just jump straight across.  This comes in handy when you want to        quick grab those mega powers and electro shields!

  It is another nice map in an enjoyable series, proving that Ace is one of our most talented original mappers - and of course he does mods and mutators as well now!