International Space Station
RR: 6.5
After starting with the small experimental Movie Theater, Joshman has moved on to quite a decent beginner-style map.  It is a fairly small download - but you do need to make sure that you have the texture files quake3a and c3d-misc before you try to run it.  If you don't have them, well, it's a big download you're looking at - only 80K for the latter, but the former is 2.5MB (or 2.09 when zipped, as texture files seldom shrink by a great percentage when zipped up).
          Now that the map has been "rebuilt", it works pretty well.  You will find a Bot, Ryan, lying in wait for you, so watch out for him, while one of the rooms is a little bit of a trap.  I am not going to pretend that this is a superb, marvellous arena, but it works fine, and has some interesting textures.  So, if you have those texture files (or at least the quake3a one) already, check it out, as we have the map (but not the texture files) available for download here.  Are we good to you, or what...?