RR: 9.0
Here's a great new map for us by Tiggy, inspired by Egyptian pyramids.  It's "basically a good-sized pyramid filled with ramps and ledges... I'm very pleased with the way this one is turning out, except that I haven't found a way to work in some obelisks", Tiggy reported.  I echo that pleasure - this seems an excellent place to do battle!
  "For those of you who haven't brushed up recently on your Egyptian history, Khufu was a pharaoh of Egypt during the 4th Dynasty (2589-2566 BC).  He's best known for building the largest of the three pyramids of Giza (Khafre's seems to be taller, but that's because it was built on higher ground).  Due to their immense size and precise building, they were considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (and the only one of the seven still standing today!).
   "This map is by no means an accurate reconstruction of the Great Pyramid. Khufu's true pyramid is basically solid inside, and probably did not contain a TripleStrike.  I just borrowed the name because I thought it was cool (and it gave me a chance to discuss Egyptian history).
   "PM-Khufu uses Sock's Egyptian textures ( to bring a fresh new look to NAB.  The layout is designed so that everyone starts on the bottom, and has to work their way up to get to "the good stuff".  This gives a distinct advantage to whoever grabs the TS on top (King Khufu of the Hill?).  I guess I'll find out when people play it if the gameplay is totally unbalanced this way. :-)"
   Tiggy doesn't leave me a lot to say.  He does also note that "Bots are kind of stupid around the jumppads", and don't tend to head for the higher levels where the best weapons are; they do seem to be a bit over-enthusiastic about the jumppads, and use them a lot (maybe you can see one of the Luna girls in mid-jump in the screenshot?) - they tend to jump awfully high, miss the upper ramp, and maybe kill themselves on landing!  This map is just the one room, there is no outside desert or anything - and, unlike most well-known pyramids, I couldn't discover any hidden rooms, traps or secret passageways, so maybe Tiggy missed a trick there.   "Serious Sam" it isn't, but this is a fresh, beautifully designed map that ought to play very well, and you surely need to add it to your collection.
direct from Tiggy!