Justin's Forest ][
RR: 8.0
This is a slightly "tweaked" version of Justin's first all-original map for NAB, Justin's Forest - check out the review here!  The main change is that Justin has removed most of the mist, which, while atmospheric, did make the controls a bit unresponsive, or "laggy".
    Otherwise, most things stay the same.  I can reveal that there is a lift inside the hollow tree, which is itself within the circle of logs; it is hard to activate, just try jumping, banging into the walls, and shooting until it works!  Rise to the top and, if you are standing in the middle, you ought to be able to grab the megapower.  The treestump with scattershot ammo on it is a teleporter, it takes you to the top of a tree, with a hyperstrike provided - an ideal sniping position!  As jumping down removes over 100 healthpoints, be sure to grab the megapower first, okay?
    The flying boat is fine, though it seems to be a rule that travelling in such movers brings you to a sticky end.  See how long you last - it was hitting the transparent "clipping" tree that made me "drop out"!
    As before, a cool map, with clever stuff slightly marred by hard-to-activate triggers and slightly basic texturing.  Still, that keeps the size of the file down nicely...