Kringle Remix
RR: 7.0
Darth Animal tells me he did a "rush job" on this on Christmas Eve - perhaps there is rather a lot of one or two textures, but the general effect is fine, and the weapons and pick-ups seem good to me.  He has deliberately concentrated on the "Mighty Mo" nerfcannon, although you will find a scattershot, a ballzooka or two, and even a whomper!
  The main problems are rather outside his control; there are a couple of places with "clipping", where you can see through things you shouldn't be able to see through - and a very important little tunnel is blocked.  It's not as if NAB players are too tall here to go where UT players can go, the entrance to the tunnel just has "invisible glass" across it, and this just isn't there in the Editor.  Any clever people who know how to remove it, Darth would be very happy if you would do so!   As it is, this means that the only way to get to the highest part of the map, where the windmill is, is to respawn there - and you can only get to the whomper by jumping down from there.  Oh well...
  Still, that is only a pretty small part of the map.  Darth deserves credit for rushing this Christmas- themed map over to NAB, and I think it's a pretty good place for us to celebrate the holidays.  So grab it, and its special texture file (they have been uploaded separately, in case that's easier for you), turn the heating down, and head for the snow!
  Oh, in his e-mail Darth said he'd like to dedicate this remix to all the people he has played NAB with this year.   "I've had a lot of fun here - thanks, guys and gals!  Enjoy the holidays, and let's all have a Happy New Year!"