Kosov Remix
RR: unf
I found this map on Tmon & Tux's site - not among the betas, either, though this version is obviously far from finished.  Unlike most of the maps that crept on there without me knowing about it, this actually has the credits section filled in, so I can tell you that is was remixed by Sharpknux, and that he was intending that SLAM fix its bugs and add "Target Tag" capability!
  Well, SLAM hasn't done anything to this version.  There are so many fine Unreal Tournament "Capture the Flag" maps out there that it probably isn't worth trying to fix the "clipping" that crops up here in various places, when a texture flickers and strobes and repeats itself.  Texturing seems unfinished, with the bubble-grey "default" texture still visible in some places; at one point a corridor was blocked by an invisible wall, which is always a nasty problem to have to tackle... and there aren't any weapons or other pick-ups to be had yet.
  So, while a map remixed by Sharpknux with a final polish by SLAM would seem to be a "dream team" deal, this isn't what you are looking for, at least not at the moment....