Jungle GravBall
  This is a "ballblast" map (so our ratings system does not apply), based on Icedude's "GravBall Template" - Icedude provided one finished example,  Barracuda GravBall, but this one, by BlobBlob, looks rather nicer!  I even found the place to shoot the balls into - move the crosshairs a little up and to the left, and the "goal" is in that lighter stone edifice...
  Well, BlobBlob likes giant totems (check out Totem Towers, his previous map); this one in the middle of the arena here is not solid, you and the balls glide straight through, to discover the original solid tower inside it.
  "GravBall" has never really caught on, as, while you float in the air in the arena, you are basically confined to just one height.  Luckily, the balls seem to be under that influence too, but it does make the controls a little frustrating.  It looks as if, with a little practice, the thing might all come together - and there is always the option of getting everyone into the "fly" cheat mode, though then you can't actually inflict damage on your opponents.
  The only weapons I came across here were the "Mighty Mo" Nerf Cannons, which seems a good idea; using "Tobio Trees" as decoration was a nice touch, as well; they too aren't solid, so don't get in your way.  This isn't a world-shatteringly wonderful map, but it is good that someone has finally made use of Icedude's template, and it is certainly worth trying out.
                      Jungle Gravball Readme File
Map Name: SH-JungleGravBall
Author: BlobBlob & Icedude
Author's E-Mail: BlobBlob@hotmail.com
Game Type: Ball Blast/Gravball
Bot Support: ?
Multiplayer: Yes

I have made this jungle theme gravball map from Icedude's original concept and sample map.  This is designed just to be a fun map and also don't complain that you can go through the Totem Tower (I like these things). 2 additional textures are needed to use this map and they are PU-TL-Floor.utx and PU-TL-Wall.utx. These 2 textures are available from T'mon's website at www.whitestonetech.net/tmon . It will also require Tobiotrees.u which should be available from the same site or from Custer's site at http://nerfarena1.homestead.com/welcome.html . If you cannot get hold of any of these textures e-mail me. Thanks to Icedude for providing the original template and the GravBall idea.