Lava Center
RR: 8.5
  Here's some hot stuff from Chris - so let's look at the ReadMe, shall we?

  "Here is my fifth level. It was designed for high-speed multiplayer combat, but can be challenging with bots. This level features the rocket wildfire making it even more chaotic! There are hordes of tricks to this level. One is tuned toward enemies with the rocket wildfire. You can hide behind some crates in the main building. It is so dark in by the crates that you can't see the guy hiding back there. He can easily move out of the way of the enemy's shots, and pick off the target with a
hyperstrike. The level is basically a large set of platforms built in lava. There is also a mining station out in the dark. This is where most of the action will take place. It has three floors. Floor one is where you warp in, and where the crates are. It has a wall at the entrance for cover, and some weapons in the center. In the rear, there is a stairwell that takes you upstairs. In the first room, there is a long tube so you can jump on the enemies one floor down. There is also an elevator that heads up to floor three. There is a hanger with a little spaceship in the other room, and a hyperstrike box on the ceiling. It can be accesed by floor three. Up on floor three, there is a room with triplestrikes that can be fired down to the platforms. There is also a hole that leads to a
force field platform to take you to the hyperstrike box. At the Lava Center platform complex, there is also a large guard tower that can be used to take out all kinds of enemies. Watch out, there are also some traps around this level. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to get some ointment for the painful blisters. :-P"

  The zip file includes  RocketsNAB and RocketsNAB.u, so if you haven't already got those files, devised by Ace and adding the green, rocket-powered wildfire to the game, put them in your /system folder and prepare for a rather hectic battle.  Of course, it may take you a few attempts to actually grab that gun without falling into the lava...  A satisfactory layout and plenty of lava, plus the mayhem RocketsNAB adds, makes for an enjoyable map!