RR: 6.5
So, after LightLand (and its HS version), Justin returns to the scene for another expanded version!  But let me quote from the covering e-mail: "    I finished my improved version of LightLand!  The
textures are just about the same, but I got rid of the "instantdeath" places too.  Lastly, I made it so you can go in the skybox, whixh is full of statues, totem poles, and, of course, all kinds of weapons and pickups.  This map should play much better than LightLand.  Also, if you are playing this map with another person, iif you look up in the main room, you might see the other person you're playing in the other room, (they would look HUGE!  Cya, and put the map on your website if you can, as I no longer have one. Cya on NAB:)!  P.S. Tell me if there's anything I can do to improve the map some more.:)"
  The above screenshot shows the new area.  Personally, I don't think this is much of a playing map, more one to look round, and just enjoy.  The rumour is, Justin's bedroom is decorated just like this!  (Well, the rumour I'm thinking of starting...)  Justin is pretty good at retexturing, but I would like to see something brand-new to NAB next time I think.