RR: 7.5
We've seen a lot of maps like this, and still we keep on going back to Forts of Independence or maybe more recently Civil War Remix.  It is a popular sort of map, but do we need any more of it...?  Dax
obviously thinks we do!
          And, as "facing forts" type arenas, this one does look good.  It has nice design, some good emplacements, plenty of high-power weaponry, flags proudly flying, teleporters... the only thing that has dragged down the Reaper Rating is that, to play it properly, you would really need two teams of at least six players per side.  Even if you could get that many players together, and arrange that they all had the map - where would you find a server able to carry so many people without the lag starting to get a bit nasty...?  The best laid plans would probably end with about four people, playing in Forest
          But maybe I am being pessimistic.  It is a nice arena, though I would have liked to have seen movers instead of those short-range teleporters, and more of a skybox.  Dax proves that he can tackle a traditional NAB arena theme, and do it well.  Hmm, I wonder if I can find eleven Bots who fancy a team game...?