Little Islands
RR: 8.0
I am trying not to give maps too high a score these days.  B-Ball has made a very nice arena here, with his first original, non-remix map, and it works well with, probably, 2 to 5 players, while the Bots seem to work here nicely too.  I was tempted to bump up the score, as it is getting on for perfect as what it is - but it is, after all, only a fairly small map...
  If there are any secrets here, I didn't find them.  Three little islands are what you get; two of them have Barracuda-style cabins on them, as you can see, and the third just has a big stone monolith, behind which a hyperstrike can be found.  Each cabin has a weapon, ammo, and a pair of health belts inside; the doubler is on the wooden bridgeway conecting the two cabins, the triple strike is just underneath there, pulsator and scattershot are behind the cabins.  The water is fine for swimming; the only way to get back up onto the planking is using the ramp from Monolith Island.  There are no lifts or teleporters, the cabin doors are the only movers.  You don't get a shield or a megapower, or a megajump to take you onto the thatched roof of a cabin - what you do get is fine gameplay, plenty of action, pure and simple.  Some maps get entirely too complicated and ambitious.  B-Ball has been a lot cleverer than that - and the idea of playing on a trio of sunny tropical islands this winter has to be a winner, too!
download the map from B-Ball's own website!