Lonely Isle - DEMO
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  "A tropical island souped up with Barracuda textures" is how Tiggy first described this map, on the
NAB Forums
.  "I read Mutiny on the Bounty a while back (played Escape from Monkey Island, too) and this sort of setting stuck in my head. Natural-looking islands would be tough to make", he had said at the outset.  Later, he was able to report on"Custom palm trees (by Rich "akuma" Eastwood)", along with "Custom ocean sounds" and  "Water that gently rises and falls", which made us all eager to see it!
  "Right now it's just a small "demo" map suitable only for tropical relaxation", he told us - and we managed to persuade him to release it, as a work in progress.  It has no special weapons, it's just a very good-looking, relaxing place to spend some time.  Tiggy may do some more work on it, but it's already a little gem...

Tiggy's own download...