Barracuda GravBall
RR: tba
"In the future, war will not longer exist... But, there will be Gravball!"  (Actually, the original quote was about "Rollerball", but you get the picture...)   This is a special kind of Ballblast map by
, and it comes in a 155KB zip file, which you can download from us here, or from Icedude's own website.  It also includes a kind of unfinished version (GravBall Template) which other mappers are encouraged to personalize, and suitable instructions.
  What you get is a mid-sized, single-space arena with low gravity, in which the point-bearing ballblast balls ricochet about in mid-air.  It's your job to grab them, and to fire them into the goals before someone else can blow you away and grab them for himself.  It ought to work well - I am reserving my final judgement until I actually play here.  So far, I am not quite certain where the goals actually are, but between us all we should be able to work that out, right?

  Homestead's servers are off-line for a couple of days, so I can't update this review - but playing in this arena ought to be fun, I think...
see the screenshot...
available for download from Icedude's site too!