Ruination - and Ruination 1-1
RR: 9.5
Well, SLAM is back, with a very handsome new map for us.  It uses the quake3a texture file, as well as the tobio trees package (available with FeEdiKo's Sun Tzu Remix, for example), and it certainly is very expertly made, and very beautiful.
  I didn't want to attempt to rate it before I'd played it.  My feeling initially was that it wasn't a "hang out and play for ages" map like Forest, or indeed the next-most-recent new map for NAB, the unassuming little Bolt Remix - so thinking up a suitable "RR" was going to be tricky.  If I gave it a ten, then SLAM might well decide that he didn't need to make any more maps for us... so that sounds a bit counter-productive, right?
  Well, it's a map you won't regret downloading, that's for sure.  It may use a lot of grey texturing, but it still manages to be excellent "eye candy".  When I did get to play it, along with SLAM, Ace, and a few others at a "NAB Reunion", I found out that it was a heck of a lot more fun to play than I had thought - mainly because of a not-immediately-obvious bouncer, leaning against the wall in one place, plus well-thought-out flow generally.  There is also a "secret room" to discover, in which you will discover what SLAM thinks of that lumbering big bot, Wes.  If some other player finds it before you do, you'll probably just about be able to hear the plaintive, rpeated cries of "whoa!"  The secret is quite obvious, once you know where it I'd probably better not say anything more about the room's location!
    Anyway, this is certainly one of SLAM's best maps - and when SLAM is good, he is very, very good indeed...
    Two versions of this map now exist; I can't see any great changes in the "1-1" version, but it's a good idea to have both as you never know which version you will encounter online.
go here to grab it!